Ultimate Guide to Time Doctor 2 and How To Trick It in 2024

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What is Time Doctor 2?

In today's fast-paced, remote work landscape, mastering your work hours and time management skills stands as a key for success. The quest for heightened productivity and efficiency has led individuals to seek time tracking tools that empower them to oversee their work hours and project progression.

Among the array of available solutions, Time Doctor and it's latest offering of Time Doctor 2 has surged in popularity with WFH enabled and remote team jobs. This article delves into a thorough review of Time Doctor, encompassing its features, pricing, advantages, limitations, and addressing prevalent inquiries. We will also focus on giving out tips and tricks on how one can trick Time Doctor metrics and make sure you always appear in good standing when being tracked by them.

How does Time Doctor Work?

Time Doctor Chrome App
Time Doctor Desktop Application

Time Doctor offers a variety of flavours, with the desktop application being the most popular. Depending on how the employer chooses to monitor their employees, they provide a silent mode as well which will run in the background without needing employee interactions to start and stop the application. Generally, employers that idle often or have low activity will be flagged as being unproductive. Although their output may be high, Time Doctor 2 is unable to determine between true productivity and pattern of idling/low activity.

Time Doctor Features

Time Doctor has evolved significantly since its inception, and its second iteration represents a culmination of user feedback, technological advancements, and a dedication to enhancing the productivity ecosystem. Time Doctor 2 introduces several new features and improvements, catering to the diverse needs of freelancers, remote workers, managers, and companies aiming for optimal efficiency.

Key Features

1. Time Tracking and Monitoring:Time Doctor empowers users to track their time effortlessly. It monitors total time of activities in real-time, providing insights into how time is spent across tasks and projects. Its unobtrusive nature ensures accurate tracking without disrupting workflow.

2. Task and Project Management: Organizing work becomes seamless with Time Doctor 2's task and project management capabilities. Users can create, assign, and prioritize tasks, fostering collaboration and accountability within teams.

3. Distraction Management:Recognizing the challenge of staying focused in a world full of distractions, Time Doctor 2 incorporates features to aid concentration. It identifies distractions, such as website usage and app visits, preventing employees from being distracted.

4. Detailed Reports and Analytics:Time Doctor generates comprehensive usage reports and analytics, offering insights into productivity patterns, time allocation, and team performance. These analytics assist in making data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency.

5. Screenshotting: The application can be toggled by employers to take screenshots of the employee's desktop and can be reviewed by the employer at any time

6. Unusual Activity Reporting: This is a new feature currently in beta in Time Doctor 2, which shows employers a report of unusual activity that is detected by their new state-of-the-art AI detector, able to identify mouse jiggler and other physical cheating methods. Although impressive, we will talk more about how LazyWork can bypass this.

User Experience and Benefits

The user experience of Time Doctor 2 is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Its interface simplifies navigation, making it accessible for users of varying technical proficiency. The benefits span across individual users and organizations, fostering productivity, accountability, and a healthier work-life balance.

For Individuals:
  • Enhanced time management
  • Improved focus and reduced distractions
  • Better understanding of productivity patterns
  • Opportunity for personal development and self-improvement
For Organizations:
  • Increased team productivity and accountability
  • Insights for optimizing workflows and resource allocation
  • Enhanced project management and task allocation
  • Remote team management and collaboration facilitation

What is the difference between Time Doctor and Time Doctor 2?

Time Doctor team has released a great article that discusses the differences in depth. From our perspective, Time Doctor 2 has added a significant amount of improvements to it's monitoring and tracking algorithms, effectively rendering many existing software offering to trick Time Doctor useless against Time Doctor 2.

Can the new Time Doctor 2 data be hacked or tricked?

Yes it can! We have multiple guides on how to hack the original time doctor with LazyWork, which can be found here and here that is still effective on Time Doctor 2. We decided to add some additional data on how LazyWork continues to trick Time Doctor 2 and it's new reporting in this article.

Unusual Activity Reporting

Types of unusual behavior

Time Doctor 2 introduces a new report category called the Unusual Activity Report. This new report is only available to premium users and is a very powerful tool for employers to find out whether employees are trying to trick the monitoring system. Activity hacks that currently exist on the market are too simplistic to accomplish it's intended result, which may actually show up as unusual behaviour on Time Doctor 2.

As seen from the image above taken directly from Time Doctor 2's article on their new report, it is able to detect many unusual behaviour tied to simple automation/tricks such as "Unusual high keystrokes", "Unusual high move clicks", "Mouse clicks unusually consistent" and "Long periods of mouse moves with no mouse clicks". One can easily conclude that using a simple physical mouse jiggler or a weight on keyboard trick would not be enough to trick Time Doctor 2 anymore.

How LazyWork was built to hack Time Doctor 2 reporting

As mentioned above, much of the new reporting detects simple movements and patterned activities such as constant keypress and mouse clicks. With many simple tools and even software offerings available, it may not be sufficient enough to trick the system. For example, see some other available alternatives to LazyWork that tricks the original Time Doctor, but may not work for Time Doctor 2. Many of the previous tricks were meant to focus on avoiding idling and idle hacks, which may not be enough with the release of Time Doctor 2.

LazyWork was built to simulate human movements, which makes it much harder to software like Time Doctor 2 to detect it's existence and movements. LazyWork is highly configurable and puts in multiple randomization (that still feels human) into it's mouse movement pattern, keyboard activity and browser/application interactions. Time Doctor 2 features such as mouse tracking, keyboard tracking and screenshots can be effectively tricked by running LazyWork with mouse, keyboard and window switching enabled.

To see if LazyWork would fit into your workflow, you can try it out here for free. We provide a no questions asked, 7-day free trial and easy cancellation.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. To see LazyWork in action against Time Doctor 2 and how it tricks and hacks the collected data, watch this video we made showcasing it's power

We've also made a video on how to do this on MacOS


Time Doctor 2 represents a pivotal tool in the pursuit of productivity excellence. Its comprehensive features cater to the nuanced needs of individuals and organizations, fostering a culture of efficiency, accountability, and growth. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Time Doctor remains at the forefront, empowering users to harness time effectively, ultimately leading to personal and professional success.

For those aiming to trick Time Doctor 2, LazyWork offers a full 1-click solution that will improve your performance and allow you to work with less stress and more time to yourself, enabling the best version of you to be productive whenever you need to.

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