3 Ways To Bypass Time Tracking Software With LazyWork: Bypass Time Doctor, Hubstaff and more!

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In the modern landscape of remote work and freelancing, time tracking tools like Time Doctor, Hubstaff, and Upwork Tracker have become integral for monitoring productivity. However, the reliance on these tools assumes an inherent accuracy in capturing work hours. Surprisingly, these systems are susceptible to manipulation through automation techniques involving mouse, keypress, and window interactions.

With more people wanting to hack Time Doctor, Hubstaff and other similar tracking software, we'll explain 3 main ways LazyWork can be used to bypass these time tracking software metrics and help employees improve their work-life balance and take back well deserved rest time.

The Mechanisms of Time Tracking Tools

Time tracking tools operate on the premise of monitoring active hours through mouse movements, keyboard inputs, and window focus. They track these activities to determine when users are engaged in work. However, this very mechanism can be exploited by automated processes designed to simulate human interaction. Let's dive deeper into how LazyWork can be used to trick Time Doctor, Hubstaff and other commonly used time tracking software.

Different types of unusual behaviour detected by Time Doctor

3 ways to trick time tracking software

1. Simulate Human-like Mouse Movements

Mouse movement tracking is a fundamental aspect of these tools. Automated scripts or software can mimic human-like mouse movements, preventing the system from identifying idle time accurately. By constantly simulating slight movements at intervals, the tool might register the activity as productive work, even when the user is not actively engaged.

Software such as Time Doctor and Upwork Tracker can detect patterns in automated movement. For example see the following examples of unusual mouse behaviour detected from a physical mouse jigger used by one of our customers prior to using LazyWork and shown to the employer.

unusual movement from physical mouse jigger

LazyWork offers minimum and maximum duration between movements for high customizability in movement patterns, but we also implement custom movement algorithms that mimic human like mouse movements (see https://ben.land/post/2021/04/25/windmouse-human-mouse-movement/ if interested for details).

2. Automate Keyboard Activities

Keypress tracking is another metric used by these tools. Automation can generate simulated keystrokes, giving the impression of active work. See below for a screenshot of Upwork tracker that shows keypress activity from one of our customers

Keyboard and Mouse activity as seen from Upwork Tracker

LazyWork provides customizable key, WPM adjustments and minimum/maximum idle time between keypress sessions to fool any time tracker.

3. Productive Browser and Application Interaction

Time tracking tools often rely on monitoring active windows and browser content to determine productive work. Automated processes can manipulate this by consistently cycling through different windows or applications, tricking the system into registering constant activity even if the user is not engaged in work-related tasks. Once again, LazyWork provides customizable idle time to make sure the switching between browser and applications matches our customer's typical workflow.

Implications for Remote Work and Freelancing

The vulnerability of time tracking tools to automation raises concerns for both employers and freelancers. Employers relying on these tools to measure productivity might receive misleading data, impacting decision-making processes. Similarly, freelancers' genuine efforts might be undervalued or misrepresented due to inaccuracies in tracking.

LazyWork strives to support all remote workers being plagued by the rise in popularity in time tracking software. Although many with critique software such as LazyWork for being unethical, we must see through the marketing and pushback from these time tracking software companies and powerful employers attempting to squeeze as much from employees as possible. LazyWork is built as a tool to empower those who have no choice but to work for employers that deploy such draconian tactics and our goal is to improve the work life balance and stress levels of all employees.

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