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LazyWork - The Ultimate Solution for Effortless Breaks and Maximum Efficiency.

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CNBC article on employee surveillance and how LazyWork was developed to combat it

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Need to take a break from working? We got your covered.

Browser Interaction
Switch between tabs, Google search and many other interactions with your browser.
Mouse, Keyboard, Scroll Interaction
Random, human-like interaction with using your mouse, keyboard and scrolling events.
Easy Customization
Adjustable app behavior settings, detection settings and interaction settings.
Invisible to time tracking software and concealed from app logs, ensuring total privacy and discretion.
Permanent Support
We have our agents available to help you regardless of your timezone. You can contact us through our live chat or email.
Complex movement
Physical mouse jigglers and auto mouse movers cannot compete with LazyWork's fully customizable settings.

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From Engineers to Product Designers, we have some stellar reviews!

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How Does it Work?

Heres the typical workflow.

Our most frequently asked questions.

Why should I use LazyWork?

LazyWork bypasses time tracking software with smart interactions and creates an illusion that you are actively working.

Will anyone find out I'm using LazyWork?

LazyWork will not be recognized or shown in the list of used applications. It can be shown as a different process name or hidden completely.

What operating systems does LazyWork support?

LazyWork is a cross-platform desktop application which supports all operating systems (Linux is still in Beta).

Which time tracking software can LazyWork bypass?

We have tested LazyWork with all popular time tracking software such as Time Doctor, Hubstaff, Activtrak, UpWork Tracker and many more!

Does LazyWork track anything?

No, LazyWork does not download or track any data from your computer. We only check the validity of your license key.

How is this better than a physical mouse jiggler or mouse jiggler software?

Tracking software has become more advanced and can detect if you are randomly clicking on your screen or slightly moving your mouse.