Lazy Work Software


windows icon
LazyWork v2.1 for Windows
Stand Alone or Installer
Beta for v2.3
Stand Alone or Installer
A native application for Windows.
Last Updated 05-20-24
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LazyWork v2.1 for Mac
M1 or Intel
Beta for v2.3
M1 or Intel
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LazyWork for Linux
A native application for Mac OS.
Last Updated 05-20-24
A native application for Linux.
Not Released Yet.


New features/Improvements - BETA v2.3


Step 1:

Download LazyWork using one of the links above and sign up for a license key. Once you sign up, you will receive an email containing your license key. Please check your junk/spam if you do not see it in your inbox.

LazyWork Email Image

Step 2:

Activate your computer to be used with LazyWork by copying and pasting your license key in the login screen.
If you signed up for the personal version, you will only be allowed to use it on a single computer so choose wisely!

LazyWork Login

Step 3:

All that's left to do is set up your personalized settings or use the default settings. You can enable or disable any of the interactions and start the program using the hotkeys listed. Here is the starter guide for bypassing time tracking software.

LazyWork UI

(Mac Only) Step 4:

If LazyWork does not open, navigate to your Security & Privacy settings and click on the option highlighted in red. Refer to the image below.

(Mac Only) Step 5:

Enable Accessibility & Keyboard Monitoring settings to allow access to your Mac Mouse and Keyboard for LazyWork (Make sure it is checked).
Note: LazyWork will not be able to perform mouse or keyboard interactions without this setting enabled.