Lazy Work Software

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LazyWork work?


LazyWork takes control of your keyboard and mouse. It hides itself as another process so it is undetectable by time management software.

Some of the main LazyWork features are:
- Random, human-like cursor movements
- Active, non-conflicting keyboard events
- Horizontal and vertical scrolling
- Focused app window switching (ALT+TAB)
- Active browser tab change (Chrome)
- Speed settings for each functionalityRuns in tray, with global shortcuts
- Ability to run LazyWork using hotkeys

We do not condone using our software for time stealing. Our software was created for use cases where employers are micromanaging employees to the point where slight dip in productivity is treated as bad performance. Our tool is meant to provide a way for productive employees to keep their scores in line while having a good way to take a breather from time tracking software.

Why can't I just use a mouse clicker or mouse mover/jiggler?


Tracking software is becoming more advanced and can detect if you are randomly clicking on your screen or slightly moving your mouse. This can indicate to your employer that you are not working and faking activity. In order to fight that, LazyWork was created and it performs smart interactions on your behalf.

What operating systems does LazyWork support?


Lazy Work is a cross-platform desktop application which is supported on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.

Will my employer find out I'm using LazyWork?


LazyWork will not be recognized or shown in the list of used applications. It does not need to be installed either so you can run it directly after you download it. You can manually rename the application on Windows to add more safety from it being detected from tracking software. A great example would be to rename the application to Notepad or Chrome.

Can I trial LazyWork before paying?


Sure! We offer a 7 day free trial for any plan you sign up for and you will have access to all the features for that plan. Give us a shot and take a well deserved break from work.

I signed up for LazyWork but where is my license key?


We will email you your license key as soon as the purchase is made.Please check your spam folder or trash. If you are unable to find it, please contact our support here or email

How do I cancel my subscription?


We are sorry to see you go! You can cancel your subscription through your Stripe receipt, our customer portal or by contacting our support team through the contact form.

How do I upgrade my subscription or switch my plan?


You can change your subscription plan or upgrade it directly through our customer portal or by contacting our support team through the contact form.

My hotkeys are not working?


Please read the instructions carefully in the downloads page. It shows how to enable accessibility for Mac and Windows.
If the hotkeys continue not to work for Mac, please delete LazyWork from the accessibility and keyboard security settings and re-add it. The security settings for Mac can be found by going to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy.

If it continues not to work on Mac, open terminal and run the following command:
rm "/Users/<Username>/Library/Application Support/LazyWork/config.ini"
Replace <Username> with your Mac's username. Example:
rm "/Users/John/Library/Application Support/LazyWork/config.ini"
Rerun LazyWork and you will be prompted to reenable all of your permissions again.

I downloaded LazyWork and the file is showing up as corrupt or damaged?


Make sure that you download the correct version of LazyWork for your operating system. If that does not work, please report it using the contact form.

How do I make sure that Time Doctor/other tracking apps won't detect LazyWork?


Windows Users:
Before you start Time Doctor, rename the LazyWork application to Notepad or Chrome, open it, set up your desired settings and set it to hidden mode (Check the hot keys). Once in Hidden mode, you can start Time Doctor and it will not pick up LazyWork. You can run LazyWork directly by using the hotkeys.

Mac Users:
Before you start Time Doctor, open LazyWork, set up your desired settings and set it to hidden mode (Check the hot keys). Once in Hidden mode, you can start Time Doctor and it will not pick up LazyWork. You can run LazyWork directly by using the hotkeys.

Note: Please be aware that time tracking software is updated frequently and employers have different monitoring methods (such as screenshots). Although we try to catch all edge cases and will continuously improve our software, LazyWork is not responsible for any issues customers run into with their respective employers and we cannot be held responsible for your actions. The software is provided as is and customers are responsible for doing their due diligence on whether LazyWork will support their particular use cases.

For more specific Time Doctor Hacking, read our article

My company does not let me install applications. How does LazyWork get past that?


LazyWork has a stand-alone version which can be downloaded for Windows. The stand-alone version does not require an installer and can be run directly after downloading the app. Both the M1 and Intel Mac versions are stand alone by default. Thus you do not need to install it on Mac, and it can be run right after it's downloaded.

To provide extra protection, you can use your personal computer to download LazyWork onto a USB stick. Then, you can simply plug the USB stick into your desired computer and run LazyWork directly from there.

My company takes screenshot of my desktop and they can see the application icon in the task bar, how do I hide it?


For Windows users, hidden mode will hide the application icon from the task bar.

For Mac users, a workaround we found to be effective is changing the icon of the application. We found for individual use cases, certain icons are still considered a "bad" application. We decided that it is much better to ask the user to change the icon themselves.

To replace the Mac icon, right click on the pplication, select "Get Info", then drag your new icon (should be an .icns file) onto the icon that should be on the top left of the window. For a visual guide, please see this guide.

Once you've changed the icon on that info window, close it and please right click on the Application again,"Show package content" > "Contents" > "Resources" > "ui" and delete the "LazyWorkIcon.ico" and "LWBGWhite.png" files, which are used in the task bar app icon.

I am getting some errors when I run LazyWork. What do I do to fix them?


If you receive an error, please try to download and run our Windows script or Mac script. This script deletes the LazyWork configuration file and attempts to reset it. If that does not work, please contact support.

LazyWork stops moving after a while, why does that happen?


If you are on Windows, please ensure that you are running LazyWork on admin mode. This can be done by right clicking the app and clicking "Run as administrator".

If you cannot run as admin, you should close the time tracking software window (most of them should still be running in the background) as we've noticed that most time tracking software (like Hubstaff) will steal focus from other applications, which means LazyWork will not be able to function if it is not in admin mode.

Alternatively, you can also try stopping tabbing (so it does not tab into the time tracking software active window).