Why is LazyWork Better than it's competitors?: Deep dive into LazyWork vs Afk Assistant vs Trick Track vs Orient Minds

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LazyWork is a software that automates work from home. It allows you to be active from your computer, without being at your computer. LazyWork is the ultimate solution for effortless breaks and maximum efficiency. It simulates human activity while you are away from your computer, allowing you to create reports on mouse and keyboard activities. LazyWork aims to trick and beat popular time tracking software such as Time Doctor, Hubstaff, Activtrak and more.

In this article, let's take a look at how LazyWork compares to it's competitors in the space offering similar features and why it's the superior choice compared to others. We'll take a look at 3 other competitors, namely AFK Assistant, Trick Track and IdleBuster.

Quick Comparison with AFK Assistant, Trick Tack and IdleBuster

For a quick comparison, see the chart below

Product Pricing Free Trial Mouse click Hidden Mode Custom Offering Operating System Support
LazyWork $7.99/$14.99/$49.99 Yes Yes, in beta Yes, can toggle Full customizability Windows, MacOS Instant chat, Emails, Direct calls
Afk Assistant $9.99/$17.99/$25.99 Yes No Hidden Only Custom icon/app name only Windows, MacOS Emails
Trick Track $9/$16/$24 Yes No Hidden Only Custom icon/app name only Windows Emails
Idle Buster $5.99/$7.99/$9.99 Yes No No No Windows AI chatbot, Emails

Features Unique to LazyWork

User Interface

Unlike its competitors—Afk Assistant, Trick Track, and even IdleBuster—LazyWork revolutionizes user experience by offering an intuitive and straightforward UI for configuring tasks. While other tools may lack a user-friendly interface or fail to provide one altogether, LazyWork stands out by simplifying the configuration process. Unlike IdleBuster, which offers a confusing interface that complicates user interaction, LazyWork prioritizes ease of use. Its UI empowers users to effortlessly customize settings and tasks, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience, setting it apart as a leader in simplicity and user accessibility within the productivity tools market.

Pretending to Work
LazyWork UI, highly customizable to fit individual needs
For comparison, IdleBuster UI

Hidden Mode

LazyWork offers hidden mode, a feature which hides all UI and rely on hotkeys for accessing features. In comparison, AFK Assistant and Trick Track lacks the UI to begin with, so they are technically always in "hidden mode". Idlebuster does not offer this functionality.

At LazyWork, we're committed to offering a tool that seamlessly integrates into our customers' unique workflows. By prioritizing extensive options and customizability within LazyWork, we ensure that our tool adapts to individualized workflows instead of necessitating adjustments from our users to fit into a predetermined system. Our aim is to empower users with the flexibility to tailor LazyWork according to their specific needs, fostering a smoother and more personalized user experience.

Personalized Software/Custom Features

A unique offering from LazyWork that none of the other services offer is that we provide custom feature development (requires elite tier subscription). We've built solution customized to many of our happy customers so far.

Although we require elite membership to develop custom features, we also take in regular feature requests and improvements, which the team prioritizes after customer features for elite members have been built. At LazyWork, we take pride in offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers. Our commitment to customization extends beyond providing personalized versions of our software at certain pricing tiers; we actively encourage and support feature requests from our users. Our dedication to meeting user demands is evident in our recent development, such as the beta version of mouse clicks, a feature initiated based on user feedback. This exemplifies our proactive approach to incorporating user suggestions into our tool's evolution. By continuously engaging with our user community, we ensure that LazyWork remains not just a tool, but a customized solution that aligns precisely with the diverse requirements of our valued customers.


LazyWork is the best software for automating work from home. It offers effortless breaks, increased efficiency, and is user-friendly. Unlike its competitors, LazyWork simulates human activity while you are away from your computer, allowing you to create reports on mouse and keyboard activities. LazyWork has gained significant popularity since its launch and has received positive reviews from users. LazyWork offers three pricing plans, which are priced competitively when compared to its competitors. LazyWork supports all popular operating systems, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to automate work from home. Register for a 7-day free trial today and experience the benefits of LazyWork for yourself 12.

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