What is Screenshot Monitor and tricks on how to beat it

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Yet another time tracking software

Screenshot Monitor is a robust solution designed to track and manage employees' work activities, especially in remote settings. Its primary functionality involves capturing periodic screenshots of employees' screens during designated work hours. This feature allows managers or team leaders to gain insights into how time is utilized, ensuring accountability and productivity. Here are some of it's main features

Screenshot Capturing

The core feature of Screenshot Monitor is its ability to take screenshots at specified intervals, providing a visual log of employees' work activities. This feature offers transparency and helps in understanding how time is allocated across different tasks. Screenshot Monitor (as it's name suggests) focuses tracking employee work through screenshots with majority of it's interface focused on the  screenshots taken during working sessions

Screenshot Monitor prioritizes privacy, allowing customizable settings for capturing screenshots. Employees can choose when screenshots are taken or blur sensitive information, fostering a balance between oversight and individual privacy.

Screenshot Monitor showing employee timeline and accompanied screenshots

Activity Monitoring

Besides screenshots, Screenshot Monitor provides activity tracking similar to many other alternatives in the market. It tracks keyboard, mouse activity and application/URL tracking, offering a nuanced understanding of how actively employees engage with their work during logged hours.

Activity distribution chart on Screenshot Monitor

Time Tracking

Beyond screenshots, the tool allows for accurate time tracking. It records the time spent on different tasks or projects, offering a comprehensive overview of productivity levels. This data is pivotal in assessing project timelines and resource allocation.

Our thoughts on Screenshot Monitor

Screenshot monitoring, while intended to enhance productivity and oversight, often raises concerns about employee trust and privacy. Constant surveillance through screenshots creates an atmosphere of mistrust, leading to decreased morale and job satisfaction among employees. The intrusive nature of this monitoring method can instill a sense of being constantly watched, impeding creativity and innovation in a work environment. Moreover, it neglects to consider the human aspect of work—employees might feel micromanaged and undervalued, leading to increased stress and potential burnout. The lack of trust conveyed through constant surveillance can harm the employer-employee relationship, impacting loyalty and commitment. Additionally, it raises significant ethical questions about individual privacy rights within a professional setting. Instead of fostering a culture of trust and autonomy, screenshot monitoring can inadvertently cultivate a culture of suspicion, ultimately undermining the collaborative and cooperative spirit essential for a thriving workplace.

How to fight and beat Screenshot Monitor?

Experience a new era of productivity with LazyWork, the innovative solution that redefines how work gets done without resorting to invasive measures like screenshot monitoring. Beat traditional monitoring tools with LazyWork with smart features designed to prioritize autonomy and trust. Through intelligent human-like mouse movement, application switching and much more, it will fool all time tracking software like Screenshot Monitor. LazyWork ensures efficient workflow management without the need for intrusive surveillance. By focusing on task completion rather than continuous monitoring, LazyWork encourages a culture of accountability and responsibility, fostering a more positive work environment where employees feel valued and trusted.

Our tool will automate application and browser actions such as scrolling, tab switching and applications switching in fully automated mode so you can go grab a coffee while your screenshots will look as if you were still working. Take a look at our test report on how a 14 minute session we ran recently with Screenshot Monitor looks to the employer!

Screenshots taken while LazyWork was automating movement

Enjoy work-life balance without the anxiety of constant observation. LazyWork offers a seamless experience, allowing you to manage tasks effortlessly, track your time accurately, and collaborate efficiently—all while respecting your privacy. Join the movement towards a more productive, trusting workspace. Elevate your productivity game today with LazyWork with our no commitment, 7 day free trial now!

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