Does LazyWork still work for Hubstaff in 2024? June 2024 Update (Recommended Settings for Hubstaff)

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Tricking Hubstaff in 2024 - Does LazyWork still work?

We've previously talked about how LazyWork works against Hubstaff and some of our recommended settings to begin with. As of June 2024, LazyWork continues to prove its effectiveness as a Hubstaff productivity hack, seamlessly integrating with Hubstaff to increase activity levels while remaining undetected. Despite ongoing updates and enhancements to Hubstaff's monitoring systems, LazyWork maintains its compatibility, ensuring that users can optimize their workflow without any interruptions. This powerful software allows individuals and teams to discreetly enhance their productivity, leveraging the benefits of both tools to achieve higher performance levels effortlessly. Whether managing remote teams or tracking personal productivity, LazyWork's ability to remain undetected and effective makes it an indispensable asset for anyone looking to maximize their efficiency in today's competitive work environment.

Let's take a look at how LazyWork performs on the latest version of Hubstaff and what settings we recommend to make your activity look super realistic!

How does LazyWork perform on the latest version of Hubstaff?

Overall performance/overview

Taking a look at the following screenshots, in roughly an hour of constant work running LazyWork, we can see a good variety of activity levels that not only reaches high productivity rating, but also did not trip any of the AI unusual activity monitoring the latest Hubstaff version has implemented. With an average of 72% activity, we've achieved very high levels of productivity.

Hubstaff overview

Above Average Activity Level

Screenshot monitoring

Digging a bit deeper in screenshots, we can see that each screenshot provides a variety of applications open and different activity levels. With LazyWork's application and browser switching algorithm, even screenshots can be tricked from the employers perspective.

Screenshots at regular interval

Undetected by Hubstaff or any major time tracker

As we can see from the Hubstaff app activity screen, LazyWork does not show up and will not trip any flags from Hubstaff

Active applications tracked by Hubstaff

Unusual Activity Bypass

As we can see, Hubstaff's unusual activity tracking did not see anything suspicious with our hour long trial run!

Hubstaff Insights new feature

Recommended Settings for High Activity

Keep in mind that each use case and employer's tracking settings are different and you will have to adjust as you see fit - which is why we have so many adjustable settings for you to choose from! Here we provide a default settings that we ran to achieve these results on Windows!

Recommended LazyWork settings

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