Case Study: How LazyWork improves our customer's workflow with Time Doctor

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Introduction: Time Doctor used for micro-management

As we all know, virtual assistants and working from home have seen a massive rise in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down many countries across the globe three years ago. With the rise of teleworking also came a variety of time tracking tools that intend to help employers keep their workers accountable. One such tool, Time Doctor, has become indispensable for remote teams looking to efficiently manage their time and tasks. However, many such employers have taken a great system and turned it into a micro-management tool to stress out employees instead of empowering employees. In this case study, we will go through how some of our users have been able to successfully use LazyWork to continue doing their best at work, providing superb output for their employers while avoiding the stress of meeting unnecessary time tracking and productivity metrics.

Understanding Time Doctor

To beat Time Doctor, we must first understand what is causing stress to employees subjected to employers that use it as a micro-managing tool. Time is a leading time tracking software that enables organizations to monitor remote employees' work hours, track projects, and enhance time management. Its features include real-time tracking, task and project management, and robust reporting. It's proven to increase accountability and productivity for remote workers.

Some of the core tracking areas that our customers have reported being extremely stressful include keyboard and mouse movement percentages, productivity %, movement patterns and application utilization.

The Solution: LazyWork

LazyWork targets many of the areas that causes stress to employees being tracked by Time Doctor. We support keyboard and mouse movements, browser and tabbing interactions and application switching.

Real-World Results: How LazyWork empowers employees

Let's take a look at a case study of couple of users who have reached out and how LazyWork has improved their metrics.

Unusual Activity

Some of our customers have already attempted to physical mouse jiggers and simple, often free mouse movement software. Unfortunately, many of these softwares do not allow for any customization and the movement patterns stay the same. Below we see the screenshot from Time Doctor of how one of these subpar products would result in and the employers would find out from their reporting.

Suspicious movement detected by Time Doctor

Detailed report viewable by employers to show keystroke, mouse movements and clicks

LazyWork by default built in human-like movements to mouse and keyboard movements, making sure to provide our customers the ability to configure it even further to support all types of use cases. For example, if you'd like to have a higher (more active) productivity metric, you can lower the minimum and maximum time for each movement. Alternatively if you'd like to have a lower productivity metric because your use case calls for it, you can simply choose to increase both the minimum and maximum. As we see above, Time Doctor also detects the pattern of movement, which is why we built both a minimum and maximum setting so customers can choose to select a bigger window of randomization, meaning each movement will not be like the previous one, mimicking how a real human would actually interact with their work!

Screenshot of settings to show customizability available

As we can see below, Time Doctor can be configured to show keyboard and mouse press activity levels, which we can completely trick with LazyWork. See below for a real sample of how it looks like when one of our customers was taking a break with Lazywork!

No more sitting around pretending to work!

See how we set up LazyWork quickly and it's results live!


In the age of remote work, tools like Time Doctor and LazyWork are essential for maintaining productivity and accountability. By integrating LazyWork with Time Doctor, companies can take their productivity to new heights without employees being fearful of useless metrics, ensuring that remote employees remain on track and work at their best. If you're looking to optimize your remote work performance, it's time to consider LazyWork as the missing piece to your productivity puzzle.

Take the next step toward enhanced productivity with LazyWork and Time Doctor - together, they're the ultimate solution for remote workforce efficiency.

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